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In the above list, you will find the censored covers I wish to exchange. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested, and specify what you can propose to me in exchange.

I am looking for censhorship from France (there are so many different codes, I don't have all of them!), from Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Reich (letter code : n, t and h), some british colonies, Portugal, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Mexico, China and Japan.

I can scan the letter for You.

Some explanations on the list :

Pays de Départ :

If the letter has been sent by a soldier or a POW, you can check the nationality ("nationalité")

Censure :

The codes (B1G for instance) are the codes used by Dr Stich in his book ( see above). G stands for German censorship, F for french, U hungarian...

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